Facebook introduces Messenger Day, the company’s latest Snapchat clone

Facebook is back again with another clone of Snapchat. Today, the social network giant officially introduced Messenger Day, a Snapchat Stories clone the company has been testing since October 2016. Messenger Day works exactly like how Snapchat Stories, Instagram Stories, and WhatsApp Status work: you can posts pictures and videos from your day on Messenger with emojis, text, drawing and more. These posts last only for 24 hours.

You can also add things like animated overlays over your pictures and videos, which is pretty neat. You can add things to your Day by opening up the camera in Messenger — from there, you can add a picture or video to your Day or share with your friends and group chats directly. Moreover, when you share something from the Messenger camera with your friends in a normal chat, Facebook will let you add that to your Day with a single tap of a button.

Facebook is initially rolling out Messenger Day to users on Android and iOS, but it isn’t known whether the company plans on bringing it to its Windows 10 app just yet. Facebook’s other Snapchat clones, Instagram Stories and WhatsApp Status are already available for Windows Phone users, so we’re assuming Messenger Day will arrive for Windows 10 users soon as well. As per usual, we’ll let you know when and if that happens.