Facebook rolls out Group Stories globally

Facebook is rolling out Group Stories support globally to all Facebook users.

As per Facebook:

Group stories are a casual and easy way to share fun, fast, fleeting moments with specific groups of people. With group stories on Facebook, you can see, feel and experience different points of view and connect more personally with other members in your group.

The firm introduced the Story format into its products with Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp, only recently expanding to the main Facebook apps over the past year.

Anecdotally, Facebook Stories haven’t seen as much uptake as the other products — and the firm refuses to put a solid number on this. That said, Facebook does see value in this, citing a number of users who have seen some value in this product.

“[Facebook Stories] is such a fun feature! Our members enjoy using it to show off their adorable children. It’s a great way for members to invite each other in, sharing snapshots of their day to day lives.,” Christine Rushing (Admin of Milky Mommas) told Facebook, “From an administrator stand point, we love the flexibility of the feature. Admins can directly and casually interact with group members or use it as another tool to reach membership.”

Facebook’s Group Stories are available on the desktop, iOS and Android from today.

Source: Facebook, via Engadget