UPDATE 6:40pm GMT: Facebook should now be back up, while some Instagram users are still reporting outages.

Original story continues below:

It’s not just you – Facebook and Instagram are both reportedly experiencing outages on both desktop and their respective apps in various countries across the globe.

Facebook first went down yesterday, October 29th, with users reporting that they were able to access the site but weren’t able to access certain features such as Messenger and comments. These outages appear to be back, with users reporting various levels of inaccessibility across both platforms.

At the time of writing, both the Facebook app and desktop site are having issues. Users are reporting that they can access the desktop site but can’t access anything beyond Create post and Stories. The dashboard is completely empty and all drop-down menus are stuck in an infinite loading loop.

Trying to open Messenger results in a blank chat with “Facebook User”, regardless of which contact you try to chat with. Others are reporting that they can access the desktop site, but it’s just running incredibly slow.

The Facebook app is currently reportedly experiencing a Schrödinger’s cat type of error where it’s simultaneously accessible and inaccessible, with posts loading but users being unable to interact with them. Other users are reporting that the app just isn’t loading at all.

The Instagram app is also inaccessible by some users, with the app throwing up various errors, unliking pictures after a user likes them, or just simply not loading at all.

In order to keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram’s current statuses, you can use Downdetector for Facebook and for Instagram. You can also just try reloading the website and reopening the app repeatedly if you’re that kind of person.