Facebook Graph Search Will Provide Web Search Results From Bing


15, 2013

Facebook today announced a new search service called “Graph Search” which will allow you to search the content and connections you have shared on Facebook and also allows you to discover new people, places and things. Facebook has also partnered with Microsoft Bing to provide web search results for the queries which Facebook Graph Search cannot answer.

To the Facebook user, they will not only see useful results, but we think have serendipitous experiences. Imagine searching for Jay-Z concerts on Facebook, and not only finding Facebook content, but also web results from Bing including concert tickets, news about the tour and other web results—annotated with Facebook Likes and Shares. We think this is a powerful combination.

Now when you do a web search on Facebook, the new search results page features a two-column layout with Bing-powered web results appearing on the left-hand side overlaid with social information from Facebook including how many people like a given result. On the right hand side, you will see content from Facebook Pages and apps that are related to your search.

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Source: Bing

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