Facebook data shows evidence of slowing Windows Phone growth


Here at WMPoweruser.com we keep a close eye on various indicators of sales and growth of Windows Phone.

One of them is the growth in usage numbers of the official Windows Phone Facebook app, which just hit 3 million monthly active users.

The numbers indicate that each 100K tick has been taking longer and longer:

  Official FB app Days between  100K increase
09/07/2012 2400000  
12/07/2012 2500000 3
17/07/2012 2600000 5
22/07/2012 2700000 5
29/07/2012 2800000 7
05/08/2012 2900000 7
13/08/2012 3000000 8

The slow down may just be the natural progression due to the lack of new devices, or may be due to the lack of a WP8 upgrade finally permeating sales channels. It may even be due to lack of publicity recently, and may accelerate after Nokia announces new Windows Phones in September, simply due to increased buzz around the OS.

Whatever the reason however, our readers can be sure we will be reporting on it in the coming weeks and months.