Instagram wants to bring Direct to the desktop web



Instagram’s desktop app for the web has been lacking one crucial feature — direct messaging. The firm has been testing a web interface for a while now, and more features have come to light courtesy of Facebook sleuth Jane Manchun Wong.

The interface for the Direct web app resembles its sibling Facebook Messenger app with its three-pane set-up; sidebar, chat and chat settings. Facebook probably wants to build a shared brand identity between all its messaging apps, hence all the commonalities being introduced.

It’s still not clear when Facebook plans to roll out this update to its web app, but it’s been a ridiculous amount of time since the web app debuted. One would hope sooner rather than later.

Instagram’s web app still lacks the ability for users to upload photos, and it is clear this is a deliberate design decision. While users should never say never, it’s unlikely that this feature makes the jump along with Direct.

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