Facebook complains to the EU about increasingly beleaguered Apple



After publicly complaining about Apple’s usurious 30% “Apple Tax taking money out of the pockets of financially crippled small companies, Facebook has now taken its litany of complaints about Apple to the EU competition court.

As part of a consultation by the EU’s Digital Services Act Facebook was asked: “As a business user of large online platforms, do you encounter issues concerning trading conditions on large online platform companies?”

Responding to a consultation, Facebook listed the number of ways Apple’s App Store rules makes their lives difficult, saying:

“The App Store is effectively the only way for developers to reach consumers on Apple devices… Like any app developer, we have faced challenges in the application of Apple’s policies and technical controls around in-app payments, gaming apps, log-in tools, and online advertising … In each category, Apple has made policy and enforcement decisions that privilege its own services and revenue streams to the detriment of others.”

Facebook also complained about Apple’s efforts to limit its cross-platform tracking, saying:

“We are particularly concerned about policy changes that may affect developers’ ability to offer services that compete with the platform’s own services. For example, large operating system/app store platforms increasingly are imposing tight restrictions around developers’ access to data and to combine data collected across different apps and websites.”

The EU’s Digital Services Act aims to limit the power of large technology companies, and Facebook it seems as likely that Facebook would be a subject of complaints as the company being a complainant.

Over the last few weeks, however, there has been increasing momentum building against Apple, with the charge currently being led by Epic Games.  The company has however also faced public complaints by the likes of Microsoft and Google over cloud subscription gaming, all while under increasing scrutiny from regulators in USA and Europe.

via BusinessInsider, iMore

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