Facebook is bringing its Snapchat Stories clone to the desktop – but you probably don’t care

Facebook is bringing its Facebook Stories to the desktop soon, TechCrunch reports.

The story format, which the firm introduced to its Facebook Mobile app this year to tumbleweeds and general disinterest will now creep onto your desktop. Unlike mobile, however, rather than sit across the top, Facebook users will find Stories to the top right of their web-app, sitting atop pages and the trending charts.

While Facebook did note that this was being tested, the firm also confirmed that there would be a wider roll-out coming soon.

Facebook has found success for the stories format it borrowed from Snapchat with Instagram (even beating Snap at its own game), but its other products like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Facebook itself aren’t keeping up. The reason for this appears to be that users typically do not go to these apps to take and share photos. WhatsApp and Messenger, for instance, are text-messaging apps first and foremost. User behavior is to open these apps when you want to chat with someone, not sharing photos about your day, that’s what Instagram is for. Facebook Stories for their part came last at a time when users already had Story fatigue. With so many places to share stories, why would Facebook even be on the menu?

Facebook has tried several ways to nudge users towards using stories, but they don’t appear to be budging. Anecdotally, none of my contacts appear to use either WhatsApp, Messenger or Facebook stories.

It seems that Facebook Stories are in a weird place right now. No one wants to use them, no one cares and the more the firm pushes them to disinterested users, the more users are turned off by it. To borrow words from an old movie, Facebook really should stop trying to make Facebook Stories happen, it’s not going to happen.

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