Facebook announces a faster, smaller and simpler Messenger app for iOS devices

Facebook Messenger first became its own app in 2011. Since then, Messenger has revealed several features including video calling, GIFs, location sharing and more. However, Messenger app became harder to navigate and the app became bloated. Facebook decided to fix this issue through an internal project called Project LightSpeed. Today, Facebook revealed the end result of this project. The redesigned Messenger iOS app will be faster, smaller and simpler than the current version of the app that is already available in App Store. As per Facebook’s internal data, the new Messenger app will load twice as fast and will be one-fourth its original size. Read about the new app below.

  • Faster: A faster start time may not matter as much if you only open an app once or twice a day to play a game or watch a movie, but it makes a huge difference when you open an app many times a day to respond to messages from the people who matter most.
  • Smaller: A smaller app means Messenger starts, downloads and updates faster for everyone, including people who use the app on older devices or in areas with lower connectivity where every kilobyte counts.
  • Simpler: We’ve streamlined the app while keeping it rich with features and making it easier for our engineers to build better experiences. For example, we’ve reduced the contact list from 40 versions to one that works consistently across the app. This not only helps with the cognitive load for people, but it also means engineers don’t need to build new experiences from the ground up.

Facebook revealed that Messenger team reduced the code code by 84% — going from more than 1.7 million lines of code to 360,000.

Facebook will roll out this new Messenger app on iOS over the next few weeks.

Source: Facebook