Snapchat was one of the first companies to introduce the concept of 24-hour stories and since then many companies have adopted the concept. Recently we reported how both LinkedIn and Twitter plan to bring stories to their respective platforms. While they are still working on refining the feature, Facebook has already created a decent system which allows users to post stories on all its apps.

Facebook currently allows Instagram users to cross-post to Facebook but it looks like the company might soon allow users to cross-post the other way around. The new feature was first spotted by Jane Wong, who shared the screenshots on Twitter. Similar to the current option of posting Instagram stories to Facebook, the new feature will allow users to post Facebook stories to Instagram. The feature will be available under the privacy settings on Facebook and can be enabled or disabled at discretion.

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the existence of the feature to TechCrunch and said that the company is formally testing the cross-posting feature to make it easier to share moments with the people who matter to you, as people might have different audiences and followers on Facebook versus Instagram.

Creating a cross-platform posting structure is another way in which Facebook is trying to unify the content on all the different platforms. There’s no word on when the feature will roll out to the customers but we can speculate that it should be soon.