Fable trademark renewed by Microsoft with “intent to use”



Microsoft remembering which IPs it holds does happen on occasion as the company has renewed the trademark holding for Fable, the beloved RPG series from the sadly closed Lionhead Games.

Spotted by IGN, Microsoft has marked the Fable trademark with Intent to Use meaning we could see a return to Albion in the future. Despite rumours that we’ll see the game at July’s Xbox Series X showcase, Microsoft has marked the Fable trademark as being not currently in use.

However, that checkmark can change whenever Microsoft likes. Whether we’ll see the game turn up soon is unknown, but we hope so.

Rumours of a fourth game in the series have been circulating for years with an ex-Lionhead developer originally stating that Microsoft had made an “interesting choice” for their pick of developer to handle the project. This choice has been deemed by many to be Playground Games, one of Microsoft’s recent acquisitions and developer of Forza Horizon.

As for the prospects of a Fable reveal soon, Microsoft recently picked up a Twitter handle for the series alongside a separate Twitter account for a new Perfect Dark game, a title that’s been heavily suggested to be in development at Microsoft’s new studio, The Initiative. We should see their debut game this month.

Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg took to Twitter to state that: “I know everyone is hungry for news, but sorry to get your hopes up. These accounts have been inactive for years, it’s standard practice to secure social handles for our IP.”

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Microsoft has been extremely protective over the Fable IP for years now. Despite numerous attempts to reclaim the IP from ex-Lionhead staff, Microsoft has refused to give up the property. In comparison, Microsoft swiftly sold the exclusive Alan Wake IP back to Remedy when requested.

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