Codemasters has “taken the difficult decision” to remove ray-tracing from the PlayStation 5 version of F1 2021 due to “instability within the game.” 

Revealed in the patch notes for yesterday’s 1.04 patch, the performance instability has been only affecting “a limited number of users on PS5” but apparently enough users are affected to warrant pulling the feature from the PS5 version entirely. 

Thankfully for fans of the latest and greatest lighting technology F1 2021’s ray-tracing isn’t gone for good, as in the patch notes Codemasters said that they “aim to re-enable this as quickly as possible, as we will provide an update in due course.” 

The stability issue appears to only be affecting PlayStation 5 consoles, as ray-tracing is still enabled on Xbox Series X and PC versions of F1 2021

The 1.04 patch wasn’t just all bad news thankfully, as it also addressed an issue where some users would have their save file corrupted if they edited a vehicle livery from inside the MyTeam HQ. Previously corrupted save files will even able to be resumed after installing the patch. 

There is no word yet on when ray-tracing may be re-enabled for PlayStation 5, but hopefully, the feature can return soon, perhaps even with an extra performance toggle to give players the choice between stability and graphical quality if we’re lucky.