PlayStation 5 users are getting another of their consoles best features removed from Codemasters‘ F1 2021, as the latest patch removes 3D audio. 

“3D Audio for headphones has temporarily been disabled on PS5,” the patch notes for F1 2021’s latest 1.06 patch quietly announce, marking another feature that has been removed from Sony’s latest console. 

Luckily for fans of the feature, the patch notes went on to say that, “this will be re-enabled as soon as audio issues relating to it have been resolved.” There’s no date when this feature might be expected to happen, however, so PS5 users may be waiting for a while if it’s not a simple fix. 

Thankfully it’s not all bad news for PlayStation 5 users, as in patch 1.06 haptic feedback did at least get a little better, so long as it was set to weak, though this is hardly a substitute for the loss of 3D audio in headphones. 

This isn’t the only time that F1 2021 has been made worse for PS5 users, as last month, ray tracing, one of the consoles biggest next-gen features, was removed due to performance concerns. Thankfully in last week 1.05 patch, the wonderfully realistic lightning tech has at least returned, being reenabled on the PlayStation 5.