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I hereby declare today HTC Touch HD day. This will be our 3rd story today about HTC’s new superphone, but this one will provide at least 30 minutes of reading.

It seems Germany is the epicentre of HTC Touch HD news, and Areamobile.de has just published an extensive 3 page review of the HTC Touch HD. They looked at Design, Operation and Browsing, videos, music and camera and finally GPS, voice quality, battery life and came to a conclusion.

They are quite impressed with the device, praising the large responsive screen, great browser, good battery life and really like TouchFlo3D.

About battery life, they made the interesting comment that talk time is longer on 3G than 2G, saying that Qualcomm’s newer chipsets are now optimized for the faster network.

Regarding text entry, they lamented that the landscape keyboard is still only available in the browser (can be fixed with 3rd party software) but do mention that due to the WVGA screen the onscreen keyboard no longer covers as much of the content or controls on the screen, which is welcome news.

The liked the sound quality through the 3.5mm headphone jack, but regarding call quality found it loud but a bit flat.

We have a video (in German) in which they show the features of, but the review includes a lot of experience in using the device, so it is an essential read.

The scored the device as follows.  Of note is that the score was better than the one given for the iPhone 3G.

See the review at Areamobile.de (Google translation)

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