Explore the earth in 2.5D with Earth Explorer for Windows Phone

Earth Explorer - Golden Gate Bridge Earth Explorer - Eifeltower, Paris, FR

Earth Explorer  for Windows Phone 8 shows your current location or any place in the world in pseudo-3D (also known als 2.5D).

  • pitch the map via three (3) finger gesture
  • rotate the map via two (2) finger rotation gesture
  • zoom the map via two (2) finger zoom gesture
  • view your current location
  • search for street, city, country
  • “my places” collection (“favorites”)
  • share places via email
  • compass display

Visit all the places in the world that you ever dreamed of seeing! The stunning pitching and rotation functionallity of the map gives you quite another feeling than any other map available for windows phone.

Although Earth Explorer is not meant to be a replacement for an ordinary map (Earth Explorer simply shall provide you a “James Bond 007 NSA CIA” feeling with its sat view) it is of course possible to display streets and public transport stations:

Earth Explorer - Wall Street, US
You can add any place in the world either by searching for it or simply by double tapping with your finger on the map. You can even share places with other users of Earth Explorer: simply send a place of your “my places” collection to them via email.

get Earth Explorer on Windows Phone Store

Get Earth Explorer on Windows Phone Store

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