Exploding Live Tiles/ Mixview and 3D Touch demoed on the Nokia McLaren (video)

by Surur
April 3, 2016


We know a lot about Mixview and 3D Touch on the cancelled Nokia McLaren, but we never had a really good look at how it worked.

Now in a new video leaked by Nokibar in China we finally have our best look at exactly how it worked.

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As can be seen in the video (which we can not of course confirmed is not faked) the user is able to hover over some live tiles and have them explode in secondary tiles which offer deep links into other parts of the app, e.g. the open tabs in the web browser.

This looks about the same as Microsoft’s official documentation of the feature which leaked some time ago for fly-out tiles.


The feature has always been thought of as a gimmick, but the speed and responsiveness of the feature in the app makes me think it is something which would actually have gotten a lot of use.

There is some hints that Microsoft may bring the feature back via a multi-touch rather than hover gesture.

Do our readers think the technology should make a come back? Let us know below.

via WindowsBlogItalia.com

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