Expansys Friday deals

Time for our regular eXpansys Friday deals slot.

l179886Today we have 2 interesting devices, both potential accessories for your Windows Mobile Smartphone.

The first is the Freedom Slim Bluetooth Keypad. This small 10 x 6 cm bluetooth device may be the perfect supplement to a keyboard-less device like the HTC Touch HD if you want to pound out a longish e-mail and provides 4 hours use and 100 hours standby time, charging from the same mini-USB connector as your smartphone.

Just for today, between 11 am and 4 pm, eXpansys has dropped the price nearly half from  £59.99 to £34.99 inc VAT. Read more about it here.

l179887 The next device is the Aiptek Pocket Cinema V 10. This small 12 x 5.5 cm LCoS projector can cast a 10 lumens 640×480 picture up to 50 inches big and seems to me to be an ideal companion to a device with TV out like the HTC Touch Pro, using its TV-Out cable of course. It comes with a lithium ion battery and remote control.

eXpansys has dropped the price of this device by £60 from £284.99 to £224.99 inc VAT.  Read more about it here.

l179082 In addition to the regular Friday deals, eXpansys is also offering a special deal on the new HTC Touch Diamond 2. If you pre-order a HTC Touch Diamond 2 before the 15th of April you will receive £30 of vouchers to use on accessories or whatever you want from their store.

Read more about the offer here.