Exclusive: XOLO takes out a full-page ad to announce their new Win Q900s Windows Phones



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WP_20140628_001 WP_20140628_002

There has been a large wave of new Windows Phone OEMs recently, but my expectation for sales are not that high, as these companies are already concentrating on their Android devices.

It was therefore a surprise to see XOLO being extremely pro-active in marketing their new Windows Phone 8.1 handset, which has just been launched.

The company has taken out two full-page ads on the Bangalore Times, which has a circulation of around 5 million, and are extoling the device not just as the lightest Windows Phone, but (inaccurately) the world’s lightest smartphone.

Given the prominent Windows Phone branding I suspect some Microsoft marketing money has contributed to the feature, and this may be just what Windows Phone needs to elevate their new affordable handsets over the competing Android devices with similar specs.

Read more about the XOLO Win Q900s here.

Thanks Arun for the tip and screen shots.

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