Exclusive: Poki – the new pocket client for Windows Phone


16, 2014

Author Lucas // in News


Although the situation is clearly improving there are still many services who do not have a Windows Phone version. In most cases, however, this is no problem as WP has a very strong developer community, which means for almost every app which has no official version in the store there is at least one 3rd party app. Exactly the same is true for Pocket, which already has many unofficial clients; but the most interesting, in my opinion, is still to be released. It is called Poki and has been teased around twitter for some time already, so let us take a first look at the brand new app.

Pocket is a client for reading articles of your news feed later. Simply add them to your Pocket library (for example you can do so with Nextgen reader) and read them whenever you want. It is a nice idea which is far more useful that it may sound now. Poki is a brand new Pocket application not yet released, but what was teased by the developer already looks very promising. Besides a great design it will offer tons of functions and even gimmicks like achievements will be implanted – some details which always make things more fun to use.



The developer, who not only provided us the screenshots and let us test his beta version of the app, said that with the final release the development will absolutely not be finished . The release version will already include the following features, but there are still much more to come.

    • Articles can be let read out loud. The article’s language will be automatically detected and, as long as it is installed, the right voice regonition language pack will be used
    • The position the user stopped reading or listening to will be saved so the article will open on the same position when continuing later
    • Articles are displayed in a WebBrowser Control. This means, unlike in many other clients, they can be zoomed and marked
    • Separate articles can be pinned to the start screen
    • When an article is being downloaded for offline reading, pictures and GIFs will also be saved. Can be turned off
    • There are several themes – separate for the article view and the app itself – available.
    • Support for functions like tags, search and storage management.

Anyhow, these are some of the best features so far and we cannot wait to get our hands on the final version, so stay tuned here on WMPoweruser.com for more! For more from the developer himself follow @pokiapp on Twitter!

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