Exclusive Dhoom 3 game rushes to 1 million downloads in less than 20 days

The game which accompanies the hit Bollywood movie Dhoom 3 has zoomed past 1 million downloads in only 20 days, making it one of the fastest ‘Made in India’ games to hit the million mark.

‘Dhoom:3 The Game’ premiered exclusively on the Windows Phone Marketplace on the  25th October 2013, and subsequently on Nokia (Ovi) Store .

“We forecasted the game to reach 1 million downloads, but the speed at which it reached the mark was highly impressive. We are proud of the achievement and look forward to the launch on Android, iOS and BlackBerry 10 on 19th November,” said Rohit Sobti, Vice President of Yash Raj Films Licensing.

dhoom3“Reaching 1 million downloads in such a short span of time is no doubt an extraordinary achievement,” said Rohith Bhat, CEO of 99Games Online Pvt. Ltd. “With thousands of games being released everyday, it becomes tough for any game to stand out in this crowded market. The performance of ‘Dhoom:3 The Game’ proves that no matter how difficult the market is, there is always great demand for well-crafted games.”

See the trailer after the break and find it in the Windows Phone Store here.