Exciting E3 2017 reveals reward Xbox with almost 4 times more buzz than PlayStation

Update: Other analytic firms confirmed that Microsoft’s E3 briefing generated the most buzz. It’s funny how everyone claimed that Sony won E3 2017 but that clearly isn’t the case. Not only that, Xbox One X was the most talked about topic at the event and hashtags like #XboxE3 and #XboxOneX were the most popular. It’s a clean sweep for Microsoft in 2017.

After the major events, YouTube Live at E3 likes to share what people on social media and other platforms are discussing, and how popular each conference was. Yesterday, Sony had a rather short 60-minute event where they showcased games we already knew were coming out. Best of all, many of the titles don’t launch until 2018 or beyond. Well, YouTube Live at E3 compiled the statistics and it turns out that Microsoft’s E3 2017 briefing was the most popular one by a long shot. It was almost 4 (3.6) times more popular than Sony’s event even when you include other conferences like Bethesda’s showcase and Ubisoft’s briefing.

While a lot of it has to do with Microsoft’s excellent Sunday time slot, it can’t explain it all because Ubisoft was also at a good time but didn’t generated even close to as much buzz. The real reason is the reveal of the Xbox One X and how Microsoft showcased new games like Anthem, Metro Exodus, The Last Night and more. Despite the fact that many titles were smaller experiences, they were absolutely stunning. One of the most popular games from Microsoft’s conference was The Last Night which gamers and critics can’t stop gushing over. No matter how small the surprise, the new content people have never seen kept them engaged.

This is great news for Microsoft because talks about who won E3 2017 will start soon after Nintendo’s conference. Considering that the main competition when it comes to the principle behind the Xbox One X is Sony, they’re in a very good position going into Gamescom in August. Hopefully they can continue the momentum and reveal games which are coming out in 2018 and beyond.