Excel Online gets new features in the latest update


Microsoft today announced some nice new features and improvements for Excel Online. The company today gave us a look at something new features and improvements which the company is rolling out this month to users all around the world. With the latest update, Microsoft is introducing some new ways of formatting data in Excel Online, stating:

Data comes in all shapes and forms. Excel Online now offers more number formats to display your data. To display the full list of format options, under the Home tab, click the Number Format drop-down and then select More number formats or right-click in a cell and select Format cells.

The beauty of using Excel Online is that it looks and feels like the Excel desktop experience you already know and love. Similarly, the Number Format dialog has the same options as the Excel desktop as we always try to keep the same and familiar user experience across all Excel platforms.

We know that currency formats are very common in spreadsheets, so we have made it easier for you to find the most common currency formats for your data. When you click the $ sign, under the Number Format section of the Home tab, you will find a list of the most common currencies with access to more accounting formats.

In addition to this, Microsoft also introduced the ability to Hyperlink to a place in the document, or even an email address which is a nice new feature. Moreover, the update also introduces Value Field Settings for PivotTables, which a lot of Excel power users will love. Lastly, the update also introduces faster filtering in PivotTables thanks to the new Search box which lets you search for filters.

You can know more about the March update for Excel Online here.