Ex Microsoft Joe Marini to start a Windows Phone tell-all blog(Updated)

joemariniWe all know the saga of Joe Marini leaving Microsoft under a cloud after tweeting a short review about the then unannounced Nokia Lumia 800.

Most readers should also know by now that it did not take Joe too long to rock up at Google, where he intends to do much the same job he did at Microsoft, recruiting developers for Android.

More interesting however is the news that he is planning to start a blog delivering the “inside scoop” on his days at Microsoft

Joe spent two years and 4 months at Microsoft, which basically means from the inception to the launch, release and first and second generation of Windows Phones, so he certainly will have a lot of interest to tell.

Are our readers looking forward to Joe (once again) spilling the beans, or do we think he should respect his last position and keep quiet? Is there any particular questions about Windows Phone development which you want desperately answered? Let us know below.

Via Engadget.com

Thanks Milad for the tip.

Update: Joe Marini himself commented on this post that he is not starting a “tell-all” blog.

OK, folks, actual Joe Marini here. I am not planning on writing any such blog. Surur, I would really appreciate it if you would please correct this.