Evleaks pours cold water on HTC 10 Windows Phone rumours


We know Microsoft is wooing third-party OEMs, and in particular HTC to release Windows 10 Mobile handsets, but at least according to Evan Blass (aka evLeaks) this has not resulted in HTC taking the perfect opportunity of releasing a Windows 10 Mobile version of its new upcoming flagship, the HTC 10.

That device is said to feature a “very compelling camera experience” and a fingerprint reader, and is expected to be announced on the 11th April.

While Microsoft has seen a lot of interest from many second and third tier OEMs (where we would actually bundle HTC these days) we have still not seen any rumours from the likes of Samsung, LG and other first tier smartphone OEMs. With Microsoft stepping back from leading the Windows phone charge it remains to be seen if companies like Acer and HP can fill the gap.