evLeaks: Nokia Lumia brand may live on, replace Surface




nokia by microsoftevLeaks reports that Microsoft is attempting to license the Nokia brand, presumably for smartphones, so handsets can be called Nokia by Microsoft.

Apparently the Lumia brand, which Microsoft already owns, will also replace the Surface brand.

Microsoft can already use the Nokia brand for feature phones, ASHA handsets and Nokia X for 10 years, but was meant to drop the Nokia brand for smartphones within 18 months of the purchase of Nokia’s handset division, which closed in April.

The deal seems a pretty good move, with much of the success of Windows Phone happening where the Nokia brand is strong, but much of the future success of Windows Phone will depend on how well the handsets of the new swath of OEMs such as Micromax sell.

The move to dump the Surface brand seems less clearly beneficial, with Microsoft already having invested hundreds of millions in it, and Nokia not being particularly well know for their tablets.

What do our readers think of this move?

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