@Evleaks identity revealed; Who is Evleaks?


Surely we are all familiar with @evleaks on twitter. He has certainly made a name for himself on the scene by leaking pictures and info about Nokia Lumia devices and some androids on the side.

For those of you not familiar with his work, he’s the one who revealed devices like the Nokia Lumia 1020, formerly known as the Nokia EOS by leaking working images of the device, and has previously leaked images of the Nokia Lumia 520 and some others.

So who is @evleaks? He has been identified as Evan Blass, a former blogger at multiple sites over the past decade. We can now see where is name originates, the first two letters of his first name ”Ev+Leaks”.

Evan Blass first job was with Engadget, where he worked from 2005-2008, eventually becoming the Senior Editor. He then built Obsessable.com, whose publication platform now runs TMZ and two years after his departure from Engadget he started working at Pocketnow.com as Managing Editor until 2012, After leaving Pocket Now, he went on to start his journey as the now famous @evleaks on twitter.

Don’t count on him ever releasing his sources, he has stated in an interview on Andoidplace.com and the interview went something like this:

AndoidPlace: How exactly do you stumble upon these leaks – industry sources? More covert or nefarious means? How much do your sources vary, and do you have anyone helping you out?

Evan: I make it a wholesale policy not to discuss sources with anyone, ever. It has earned me a good reputation, I think.

So that’s one down, now if we could only find out the identity of the newcomer Vizileaks.

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