evLeaks confirms Nokia Lumia 520 level specs for Nokia Normandy/X


28, 2014

Author Surur // in News


evLeaks has tweeted the specs for the Nokia X, which is also known as the Nokia Normandy, and it appears to confirm the specs from the Vietnamese retailer, except for one key difference.

While that retailer claimed Google Play access (which always seemed doubtful) this one says the handset will in fact have access to the Nokia Store, which is of course what we always expected.

evLeaks however also revealed that the phone will have access to 3rd party app stores, which are very common and popular in Asia, and would take the handset from a closed device to a very open smartphone.

The handset has pretty similar specs to the Nokia Lumia 520, except for the low storage and dual-SIM, but is one step lower than the Nokia Lumia 525 in terms of RAM.  It is however not a super-cheap handset with a 3.2 megapixel camera and 320 x480 pixel screen however, and can therefore be seen as a tacit admission that Nokia/Microsoft needs an Android handset to penetrate some markets.

Is Nokia/Microsoft right to step back from their previous Windows Phone-only approach? Let us know below.

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