EVGA says it will replace RTX 3090’s killed by New World


26, 2021

After technical issues in Amazon Game’s New World caused a handful of RTX 3090 graphics cards to fail, EVGA has announced that they’ll be replacing the cards that died. 

In a statement given to PC Gamer by an EVGA spokesperson, the company revealed that “all failed 3090’s are being replaced,” with shipping of new cards reportedly already having started, even before broken cards are taken in and tested. 

As we reported last week, New World developer Amazon Game Studios has already patched out the issue which was supposedly killing the immensely expensive top of the line GPUs. The implemented fix is a surprisingly simple one too, merely limiting the FPS attainable in the menu screen.

It’s unclear just how many GTX 3090’s were affected before word got out and stopped any more cards from being destroyed, but with the cards likely in short supply due to scalpers, as well as the ongoing semiconductor shortage, hopefully, it’s not too many to be easily replaced. 

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Thankfully, we shouldn’t be seeing any more problems like this once New World launches on August 31st 2021, as in their post-patch statement, Amazon Game Studios’ assured us all that “the New World Closed Beta is safe to play.”

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