According to a report by VGC, Rare’s Everwild, which debuted at XO19, has been completely rebooted following its creative director departing. 

According to VGC’s sources, it’s going to be a while till we hear any significant news about the title, and longer still till Everwild might release, with the team “optimistically” targeting a 2024 release. 

From the report, the overhaul and rebooting of the title came after significant changes to senior leadership following the departure of creative director Simon Woodroffe last year. 

While the game’s striking visuals looked absolutely stunning during XO19 and 2020’s Xbox Games Showcase, the game is reportedly being “restarted from scratch” according to VGC’s “people with knowledge of Everwild’s development,” so there’s no telling what it might be like when it does finally launch. 

The small team within Rare who are in charge of creating Everwild had reportedly been struggling to define a clear direction for the title, beyond its art style and soundtrack, both of which will hopefully be staying to retain some semblance of the original game.

While there is the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase: Extended on June 17th, we’re unlikely to hear anything about Everwild from the sounds of things. But with Rare being slated for an appearance in the show, hopefully, they might give us a detail or two to confirm where the game is at.