Evernote for Windows Phone updated, business features added

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Evernote has announced an update for their Windows Phone app.

The app now supports Evernote Business, PIN Lock for Premium Users, improved creation and editing of styled text and more.

With support for Evernote for Business users can now create  notes in Business Notebooks, search their own Business Notebooks and those that others have shared.

Premium users can now lock Evernote with a PIN. Once enabled, the app will lock after 10 minutes of inactivity with Evernote.

Joined Notebooks are now also supported, meaning whether someone shared a Personal Notebook with you or a Business Notebook, you’ll be able to easily view them from your Windows Phone.

Lastly when creating a new note, you’ll see new styling options beneath the keyboard, including bulleted and numbered lists. You can now also edit bold and italic text right in-line—no more section-by-section editing.

To see all the improvements find Evernote in the Windows Phone Store here.