Evercade is making a four-player retro console


26, 2021

The Evercade VS, as announced with a swanky trailer, is the company’s latest retro console that supports 4 player arcade goodness. 

Able to output at native 1080p from a powerful enough Quad-Core 1.5 GHz processor, arcade classics should be looking at their best, especially when they’re housed in such a good looking console.

The console itself sports a clean retro-inspired look, just like its handheld counterpart which we loved, with just an array of USB ports on the front, for Evercade or third party controllers. Hidden behind a nifty NES style cover there’s the Evercade VS’ dual cartridge system that allows for easy swapping between titles. 

Using the same game cartridges as the Evercade handheld console, you’ll easily be able to switch between handheld and console-based gaming, with save states built into the cartridges to let you pick up right from where you left off. 

With how good the handheld console was, we’ll eagerly be awaiting the launch of the Evercade VS in November 2021 to see if it lives up to expectations. 

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You can sign up for more information about the Evercade VS right now on their website, with preorders starting on May 28th. 

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