Europe’s fastest growing public cloud provider to promote Microsoft AI-based cloud solutions

Nordcloud, Europe’s fastest growing public cloud provider has partnered with Microsoft to promote the usage of Microsoft AI on Azure in the European continent. Nordcloud already has a wide experience of working with Microsoft’s Azure platform, so it will help organizations to complete AI projects faster and at lower costs with the use of Microsoft Azure.

“Nordcloud has already delivered AI projects for its clients,” says Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise Business Lead Antti Alila. “This is important to stress: AI is here and now and helping businesses innovate and gain a competitive edge.” “Nordcloud has partnered with Microsoft for jointly deploying Azure AI-based solutions for our enterprise customers.”

Nordcloud will allow organizations to take advantage of the entire Azure AI stack to develop new scalable intelligent services and to add cutting-edge smart features to existing solutions in a fast, agile manner with the TCO benefits only cloud services can deliver.

By leveraging Azure’s world-class AI infrastructure and services, Nordcloud aims to help a much wider range of businesses to embrace the potential of artificial intelligence. Nordcloud and Microsoft will be working together with Nordcloud’s clients to spot opportunities to build the next generation of cost-effective, scalable, intelligent AI-powered digital solutions.

Source: Nordcloud via: Neowin