European Commission To Scrutinise Microsoft’s Tax Affairs In Luxembourg


5, 2014

According to the sources of Irish Times, Microsoft is the next company under scanner for taxing related policies in Luxembourg, Europe. EC has ordered Luxembourg on information about how they are taxing Microsoft’s intellectual property. European Commission is already investigating tax rulings concerning Apple in Ireland, Starbucks in the Netherlands and Fiat Finance and Trade in Luxembourg. European commission spokesman said the following regarding the recent addition of Microsoft to the list,

 As we have said publicly many times before, the commission continues to gather information about certain tax practices in several member states, in order to assess the situation from the point of view of EU state aid rules. However we will not make any comment on whether specific companies may or may not be covered by this information-gathering exercise.

Luxembourg finance minister commented the following on European Commission’s recent actions regarding its tax policies,

“We are in constant contact with the European Commission on all these tax issues and Luxembourg is pretty confident in the way it handles its taxation issues and so we’re going to monitor the information with the commission and hand over the information that is requested,”

Source: Irish Times

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