Euro Taxi app comes to Windows Phone

IOLogics Ltd., a London based mobile apps company, has launched its first Windows Phone mobile app for taxi booking, Euro Taxi, that lets a traveller pre-book taxis in 70+ destinations including London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Moscow, New York and many more.

Using Cabforce API, user of Euro Taxi only have to provide the pickup location, which could be an airport, a train station or any place in the city, pickup time and the user will be provided with an option of taxi, minibus and an executive car to select from.

“This pre-booking of taxis not only eliminates the hidden expenses that can occur but they also ensure on-time pickup and transfers. The user of this app will always be sure that a ride is waiting for him to take him to his destination. The app is particularly useful for solo female travellers as there is always an issue of safety and we ensure that in collaboration with our taxi provider partner, Cabforce, passengers always have a 24/7support centre number to call on even if anything goes wrong.” said Hammad Tariq, CEO of IOLogics Ltd.taxiqr

The focus of Euro Taxi is to eliminate any hidden charges and tips, the app will calculate the charges and the traveller will be able to pre-book the ride.

Euro Taxi’s pre-booking and transfer services are available in all the major cities of Europe and three cities, New York, Miami and Boston of United States. Complete list of cities is available at

The free app can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.