EU Antitrust Authority Once Again Rejects Google’s Proposed Anti-trust Deal

A big win for Microsoft and other companies which were against Google’s proposals regarding anti-trust case going on in the Europe. The European Union’s competition authority has rejected yet another offer from Google and they are now in contact with Google to see if they are ready to offer solutions. EC Commission expects more concessions from Google. EU rejected Google’s offering based on the recent new arguments and data on how the Google proposed settlement would be problematic. Microsoft on its part, conducted a study on Google’s proposed changes and concluded that users would click Google’s services 99 times more likely than competitor’s links in the current proposal.

Back story,

European Commission started its anti-trust investigations against Google few years back and Google tried to convince EU couple of times with its new proposals and failed miserably. Earlier this year, EC announced that it has obtained an improved commitments proposal from Google in the context of the ongoing antitrust investigation on online search and search advertising. In its proposal, Google then accepted to guarantee that whenever it promotes its own specialised search services on its web page (e.g. for products, hotels, restaurants, etc.), the services of three rivals, selected through an objective method, will also be displayed in a way that is clearly visible to users and comparable to the way in which Google displays its own services. This principle will apply not only for existing specialized search services, but also to changes in the presentation of those services and for future services.

Source: USNews