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You might remember, when back in June, Eten announced the Glofiish X900, an HSDPA/EDGE device, with GPS and WIFI. Fast forward 6 months and the Taiwanese company haven’t released the device yet, but for anyone still waiting for this Diamond competitor, just posted a detailed review of the Glofiish X900.

Some quotes from the review:

x900Glofiish X900 does feel a little bulky considering the thickness of 17mm and weighing 146 gms but it definitely has the power for this size in it, although its not so huge as the HTC Advantage.

A 1530 mAh Lithium Polymer battery is definitely a welcome to Glofiish X900 pocket pc if you’re looking for some longer hours of work. On a fair usage you can even get upto 2 days without charge and this is definitely impressive when it comes to Windows Mobile devices.

The 3 Mega pixel camera along with the LED flash has become quite normal these days for pocket pc devices but the picture clarity glofiish x900 gives is awesome when compared to the other devices sporting cameras of the same range. For example, we took a shot with glofiish x900 and the HTC Touch Diamond side-by-side at the same time under same lighting conditions and also with the settings at maximum quality capture and it’s interesting to see that glofiish x900 gave a better picture.

In my view, the Glofiish X900 seems to pack almost everything that someone would look for in an up to date Windows Mobile device and if the price is right when the handset (finally) get released, it would make it a decent choice!

More information on the Glofiish X900 can be found at its official site. And don’t forget to tell us your opinion on the X900 using the Comment link below.

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