Escapa for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8


21, 2013

Classic EscapaChallenging levelLevel generator

Do you remember the classic browser game Escapa? Now this addictive minigame returns on the Windows Phone Store and Windows Store and is even more fun!The rules are extremely simple – place your finger on the screen and start escaping. The longer you can help the red rectangle avoid the blue enemies and borders of the level, the better! You will have to develop strategies, find safe paths and improve your speed to beat the high scores! Are you fast enough to win?

The game includes a level generator – enter any number and you will get a new level each time – imagine more than 4 billion different levels – every single one is original and challenging! You can also compete with others on-line – the game features real-time leaderboards, a level of the day feature and lists of top levels and now-played levels.

You can download the game here on the Windows Phone Store or here on the Windows Store. The game is free, advanced features can be purchased via an in-app purchase – currently with a time-limited offer for just $0.99 (Windows Phone) $1.49 (Windows 8).

Windows Phone 8Windows 8

Game features

  • Hundreds of hours of fun
  • Level generator
  • Play against other players
  • Your results are synchronized across all devices
  • Leaderboards of the best players, favorite levels and currently played levels
  • The Level of the Day function
  • Easy gameplay
  • Works on all displays and even in snapped mode (Windows 8)

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