Epic to appeal decision which gives them Apple App store payment bypass



We reported earlier that Epic has achieved a significant victory by having the court recognize Apple’s anti-competitive practices and ordering corrective action.

Epic is however not happy with what they won, as they failed to convince Judge Yvonne Gonzalez-Rogers of most of their other points, including whether Apple is a monopoly and whether alternate app stores should be allowed, whether side-loading should be allowed, and whether Apple’s 30% app store tax is excessive and should be reduced.

Due to this Epic will be appealing the decision, with CEO Tim Sweeney saying:

Sweeney noted that they will be bringing Fortnite back to the app store where they can bypass the Apple tax.

The company has already announced that they will be approaching Apple in South Korea to this end. There anti-retaliation clauses may allow the company to bypass the ongoing animosity between the two companies.

It seems in the end today’s judgement was simply a battle rather than the end of the war.

via the verge

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