Epic to continue free games giveaway in 2020


15, 2020

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If you’ve ever browsed the Gaming section on this site, it’s highly likely that you’ll have run into an article about a free game or two from the Epic Games Store. The good news is that Epic has plans to continue their generous tradition throughout 2020.

The company confirmed in a post that the free games will keep on coming, with at least one game shedding its price tag each week for the rest of the year. We’ll make sure that you always know which game is free because, hey – free games are always good!

Epic also shared some milestones and statistics from how far the Epic Games Store has come since its launch back in December 2018. These stats included the number of active players in several countries during December 2019, its most popular games, and upcoming Epic Exclusives, all of which you can check out below.

The rest of the stats include:

  • 108 million Epic Games Store PC customers.
  • $680m spent by PC players in the Epic Games Store.
  • $251m spent by players on third-party PC games in the Epic Games Store.
    • These numbers reflect actual spending by customers and don’t include the value of coupons, Epic funding of developers, or any other promotions.
  • Over $23,000,000 of coupons and discounts fully funded by Epic.
  • 73 free games, totalling over $1,455 in total value, with over 200m+ free games claimed.
    • This means that if you picked up every single free game Epic has offered since its launch, you’ve saved $1,455.
  • 80% average OpenCritic score across all free games.
  • 2.32m followers on Instagram.
  • 3.41m followers on Twitter.
  • 644k followers on Facebook.
  • 235 countries and territories represented by Creators, with Creator Codes being used 1,733,180 times on third-party EGS purchases.

As a reminder, Sundered: Eldritch Edition is currently free on the Epic Games Store until tomorrow, January 16th, where it’ll be replaced by Horace.

Auto Chess, Battle Breakers, The Cycle, Dauntless, and, of course, Fortnite(‘s Battle Royale mode) are also always free-to-play.

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