Epic is testing South Korea’s anti-monopoly laws by asking Apple to release Fortnite in South Korea


10, 2021

Apple failed to block South Korea’s Anti-app store monopoly law, which prevented Apple and Google from stopping developers from using alternate payment providers and also prevented companies from retaliating against companies which use alternate payment providers by delaying the release of their apps.

Now Epic has moved to test the new laws by asking Apple to approve their developer account to allow them to release Fortnite in South Korea.

If the companies do not comply with the law they can be fined up to 3% of their South Korean revenue.

Epic has been banned from the Apple iOS App Store after releasing a version of their flagship game with their own payment system, which bypassed Apple’s 30% fees, and has been involved in ongoing litigation with the company challenging the decision. Epic has also been leading the fight with legislators to oppose Apple and Google’s monopoly on app distribution, with South Korea’s new law their biggest win so far.

via the Verge

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