Epic Games is getting apps including a different storefront


22, 2021

Epic Games excitedly announced today that it will be rolling out a wave of PC apps onto the Epic Games Launcher. 

In today’s announcement, Epic revealed that five PC apps are available on the Epic Games Store, with “even more apps coming to the store as the year rolls on!”

The suite of apps includes several free PC apps such as the open-source browser Brave, and streaming radio app iHeartRadio (though only in North America). These apps are joined alongside two paid apps, art software Krita and 2D to 3D model generator software KenShape.

In a baffling move, this haul of apps also includes indie game storefront itch.io which is already available online, and as its own dedicated launcher. Its additional home on Epic will likely bring more attention, and more eyes to the games within, so it’s an odd move, but not really a bad one.

These apps are joining Spotify on the service which has been available since late last year. To celebrate Spotify and these apps beginning at 8PM ET today, “a Fortnite partnership with Spotify will begin, where Fortnite Crew Members will receive three free months of Spotify service for new Spotify Premium Subscribers.”

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