Epic Games has shown off more Unreal Engine 5



Epic Games has shown off a new “Valley of the Ancients” Unreal Engine 5 showcase in an early access video and it looks so, so good.

Being captured on the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, the footage we’re shown looks simply outstanding, looking nothing short of photorealistic which is incredible since it’s all running in real-time on consoles. 

“One of the main features of Unreal Engine 5 is Nanite,” Galen Davis, Producer/Evangelist for Quixel at Epic Games, explained in the video “our virtualised micro-polygon geometry system that frees artists to create as much geometric detail as the eye can see.” 

“Virtualised geometry supports orders of magnitude more triangles without compromising speed,” and the results we’re shown look simply fantastic. This isn’t just good for consumers, as it also greatly benefits creators, with Davis explaining that “in other words, Nanite lets artists create while the engine does the work.” 

Unreal Engine 5 also has a swanky new anti-aliasing feature of “temporal super resolution” which can keep up with all the new geometric detail to create “sharper more stable images than before, with quality approaching true native 4k at the cost of 1080p.”

The new fully dynamic real-time lighting engine “Lumen” also looks nothing short of exceptional, as it can “immediately react to scene and light change, making for more believable experiences.”  Hooking directly into the time of day settings should also allow for properly “photorealistic environments.”

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We could go on and on about all the features that look amazing in the video, but we’d be talking about the whole thing, so the video is well worth a watch. In short, Unreal Engine 5 looks absolutely outstanding, and we can’t wait for games to be released using its incredible technology. 

There’s also a giant robot who looks staggeringly cool and ridiculously detailed, so what’s not to love?

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