Epic Games has embroiled itself in yet another lawsuit



Even with the ongoing Epic Games vs Apple case still popping up and dominating headlines, it isn’t the only lawsuit that Epic is battling, having recently filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against AR Glasses maker Nreal. 

Unsurprisingly, Epic Games isn’t too chuffed that Nreal sounds an awful lot like Unreal, their massively successful game development engine. In the lawsuit, it’s even claimed that Nreal is a “trademark that looks and sounds virtually identical to Epic’s UNREAL trademark.”

The two have been squabbling over the name ever since all the way back in 2018, but now that Nreal is finally shipping their product in Japan, with plans to launch further across the globe, Epic Games is pursuing further legal action. 

It’s not just the name that sounds like it’s only got one near-silent letter of difference which causes concern as Epic Games also claims that “Nreal is also targeting the same industries as Epic,” with focuses on “gaming, entertainment, retail, medical, office environments, industry, and other market segments.”  

The “overlap with Epic’s UNREALbranded products and services is likely to confuse consumers,” alleges the lawsuit, since Nreal isn’t just in the business of building AR glasses. Having already developed a game for its Nreal Light glasses, Epic Games is rightfully concerned that there might be some confusion between brands, especially as the Unreal Engine was used in part to develop that game. 

Nreal has since made a statement to Engadget about the lawsuit, saying that “We’re aware of the litigation that has been filed by Epic. We respect intellectual property rights, but we believe that this lawsuit lacks merit and plan to defend vigorously against the claims brought by Epic.”

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