Enterproid Divides Your Life On Smartphones, Coming To Windows Phone 7 Too

During the DEMO conference today, Enterproid is one of the many startups which demoed their ideas. Enterproid showed its Divide platform which lets you separate your business and fun life on your smartphones. They even won the Qualcom’s prize of $150,000. The Divide platform offers,

  • Separate secure profiles for work and personal life
  • Business class apps
  • Safe and sound
  • Self-service remote management
  • Cloud based IT management

Although this is announced as beta for Android devices, they announced Windows Phone 7 support too. So we reached out to them to confirm this matter, The response from their PR when asked about Divide on Windows Phone 7,

Starting with a beta on Android right now, but Windows Phone 7 is definitely on the roadmap. Will be happy to ping you once we have more to share on that front.

But I doubt whether the fully functional Divide platform will come to WP7, since Microsoft doesn’t provide the API’s to do all the stuff. I think they are/should be working with Microsoft to bring their platform to Windows Phone 7.

The Divide Platform

The Divide platform by Enterproid gives mobile professionals a new way to use their smartphones for both work and personal life. With multiple profile support, great productivity apps out of the box and complete personal and IT cloud management, Divide is the next generation solution for enterprise mobility.

Separate secure profiles for work and personal life

There’s no need to compromise your personal freedom just because you want to do work on your handheld. Enterproid allows you to create an independent business profile on your Android phone so you can enjoy all the benefits of the Android platform while still having a fully managed and secure environment for business. And Divide technology lets you switch instantly from one profile to another with the touch of a button.

Business class apps

Enterproid provides you with a full-featured set of native-Android office applications out of the box. Check mail in a threaded conversation view and perform searches both on the device and on your mail server. Keep your Tasks, Contacts and Calendar fully synced both over 3G and on WiFi. And because all apps run in the separate Enterproid work environment, everything you do is fully encrypted and compliant with your company’s policies.

Safe and sound

All applications running in your work profile can take advantage of the enhanced security of the Enterproid platform. Full on-flash encryption safeguards your data and unlike with the native Email, Contacts and Calendar applications, no app you download from the Android Market can ever read your data. In addition, Enterproid technology guarantees that your personal browsing and app data will be kept private from your company. Work in full confidence knowing that nothing you do on your device can compromise your professional life.

Self-service remote management

Enterproid gives you access to a full set of remote management capabilities for your device without requiring you to install any desktop or server software. If you lose your device, you can remotely wipe just your corporate data or your entire handheld. You can also locate or view usage reports for your device as well as manage your installed Android Market applications. And you can do all this without requiring any actions from your IT department.

Cloud based IT management

For IT administrators, Enterproid has a full fleet-management console supporting policy deployment and enforcement. Administrators can see all their connected devices, set policies by group as well as perform commands such as remotely wiping corporate data, locking the corporate profile or performing password resets. Expense management tools also help identify roaming devices and display network operator usage data.

When granted permission by the user, the IT console can also perform additional commands such as locating devices or wiping the entire handheld. And because everything runs from the cloud without storing any business-proprietary data, Divide is incredibly easy to set up and deploy without introducing additional risk to your business.

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