Enter the Gungeon’s major expansion cancelled; smaller update will end the game


20, 2018

Enter the Gungeon developer Dodge Roll has done an amazing job at supporting the fantastic roguelike game, but now they’re going to be putting the game to rest.

Speaking in a Reddit post, Dodge Roll said that Gungeon is running on “shaky” code. Self-admittedly, Dodge Roll have learned a lot over the past four and a half years, and having to work around everything they’ve made previously is proving to be an intensive experience.

“Working on Gungeon, in particular the last year of development, has become very taxing,” Dodge Roll said. “Frankly, we are far better at making video games today than we were four and a half years ago; this is good, of course, but it shows just how shaky our foundations for Gungeon truly are.”

“This is compounded by the nature of the game that Gungeon is: every new item, gun, or enemy has to interact with (or at the very least, not break) every other gun, item, or enemy. Putting any new piece of content in the game has become a chore of navigating years-old code and ensuring that no combination of items (etc) breaks it. The complexity of this work for our small team resulted in an unfortunately buggy initial release of AG&D, and has given us the sense that this complexity will only grow.”

Enter the Gungeon: Advanced Gungeons & Draguns Expansion - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

With the amount of work needed to make an expansion on the level of Advanced Gungeons and Draguns, it feels like a good time to put Enter the Gungeon to rest.

Dodge Roll will continue to support the game with one final update. It will add around twenty new guns, ten new items and a currently unknown amount of synergies. The update will also introduce a new character that starts with random weapons as well as improve performance on consoles.

After this update, Enter the Gungeon will be supported no more and instead Dodge Roll are moving on and creating a new game. While there are no details on the project at all, I think after the huge success and support that Gungeon has been given we can trust them to make a quality product.

Source: Enter the Gungeon Subreddit

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