Ensure #Windows10 continues to run smooth with Aerize Optimizer


15, 2015

Aerize Optimizer - Premium Memory Booster for Windows 10

Aerize is already releasing Windows 10 app updates, beginning with the very popular and highly rated Aerize Optimizer. The initial Windows 10 release allows desktop and tablet users to clean device memory with a simple click, or enable a background process to regularly clean device memory. Aerize Optimizer was the first memory boosting utility for Windows Store, and continues to lead with new Universal Windows Platform edition.

From the background Aerize Optimizer watches the system for performance bottlenecks. Watching system memory and resource usage, ready to provide more system resources to the device. As system resources become more scarce, Aerize Optimizer becomes more aggressive with resource reclamation. Devices perform better when system resources aren’t depleted as often.

Aerize, a leading mobile utilities developer, is one of the top Windows Store developers worldwide with millions of downloads. Show your support for Windows Apps and updates and download the free ad supported edition of Aerize Optimizer for Windows 10 today.

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