Enough with the %&$&!*& “Windows Phone’s Real Problem” articles



Bad Luck Brian - thinks wp8 has no reason to exist too stupid to exist himselfIt seems a fashion these days to write articles denouncing Windows Phone as a failing mobile OS.  This is mostly done by hacks with very little understanding of the mobile ecosystem, who for some reason think things will remain the same as they are now for the next 10 years.  This is obviously false given the dramatic changes we have seen over the last 15.

Brian S Hall from the RRW for example writes that “The real reason why Windows Phone has failed because there is no good reason for it to exist,” saying it does not offer a superior user experience in social networks, browsing, email, playing games and listening to music – the main uses of a smartphone these days.

Brian, I have news for you.  There is no real reason for your existence either.  You lack insight, there are millions of other bloggers who could do your job better, and I suggest therefore you should go kill yourself.

A bit harsh? But of course this is exactly what Brian suggests Microsoft should do.  Give up, curl in a ball and wait to die while the world passes them by.

A more sensible route is of course to define a role and purpose for your life, strive to improve oneself and work as hard as possible to make this a reality. Should the Apple have given up at the end of the 90’s when they faced bankruptcy? Should IBM have closed shop when their PC business declined? Why is Blackberry even trying?

The irony of course is that Brian’s remarks come just at the time when Windows Phone is showing clear traction with consumers, entering the mainstream and showing significant growth.

IDC showed Windows Phone had 150% YoY growth in Q4 2012. Gartner pegged it at 124%. Kantar shows the OS close to overtaking iOS in many regions, such as Italy where only 10% separates the two operating systems and Germany where only 11% does, and unlike iOS its share is actually growing there.  Besides iOS it is the only OS growing market share in US, according to Comscore.

One could suggest that Brian is trying to sabotage that consumer adoption with his attack on the OS, but that would be a bit paranoid, wouldn’t it?

That is of course not to say Windows Phone does not have problems impeding its adoption.  Microsoft could clearly do a lot better and carriers could do better and Nokia could do better, but the same could be said of every OS on the market, whether they are successful or not.

The fact is that the last 6 months has been a moment of triumph for Windows Phone, and Brian is just trying to spoil the party.

Bad luck Brian. Windows Phone is doing pretty well actually.

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