Engadget Spain handles the Samsung Omnia II and likes it


2, 2009

Author Surur // in News


Engadget Spain had a chance to have a hands-on with the Samsung Omnia  2.  The smartphone is set to be available on the Movistar carrier there.

Unlike the US branch of the company, the Engadget Spain liked the device quite a bit, despite featuring their two pet hates – Windows Mobile and a Resistive screen.

They were impressed by the massive 3.7 inch AMOLED screen, and called the sensitivity “optimal”, despite being resistive. They had some problems with the shiny back however, preferring that the whole device was ensconced in aluminium.

They found the interface easy on the eye and comfortable, saying it reminded them of LG’s KM900 interface. They also found the interface fluid, despite multi-tasking.

They also found the device “perfectly light and comfortable to wear”.

The smartphone, which is not priced yet, should come to Spain in November.

See the gallery of 40 pictures of the device here.

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