Engadget reviews the HTC Surround

Engadget have published their review of the HTC Surround, and like the earlier review the device is pretty much slated for a poor implementation of a poorly thought out idea- that of a phone with larger than usual speakers.

Complaining that sound quality not good enough to justify the extra bulk of the device, they conclude:

Well, what can we say? The HTC Surround does a fine job running Windows Phone 7, and if that’s the only criteria by which you’re going to measure it chances are you’ll be quite happy. But Microsoft is launching 10 devices this month, and there are two other choices on AT&T alone which do an equally fine job of running the OS. The Surround needed to bring a lot to the table in order to justify being bigger and heavier than the Samsung Focus while lacking the QWERTY keyboard of the LG Quantum, and we just don’t think a pair of average speakers and a kickstand provides that justification — especially since Windows Phone 7 doesn’t take full advantage of either. We’d love to be more positive about what is fundamentally a fine piece of hardware, but if you’re looking for a Windows Phone 7 device on AT&T at launch, we think you should (cough) focus your attention elsewhere.

Read their full review here.