Engadget reviews the HTC HD7

The last major device of the evening, Engadget have published their review of the HTC HD7, and it is safe to say they are not entirely satisfied with the effort HTC put into the flagship Windows Phone 7 device.

The conclude:

What can we say that we haven’t expressed already? The HD7 is pretty much what you thought it would be. It’s that same 4.3-inch blueprint that HTC has exploited to great success with the HD2 and EVO 4G, applied to the brand new Windows Phone 7 operating environment. The first question you’ll truly have to answer for yourself is whether or not you want to be aboard the WP7 gravy train. We remain staunch believers that a smartphone is only as good (or as bad) as its software, so decide on your OS first and your particular handset second. If you’re still with us, we’d recommend the HD7 as a solid WP7 device choice, but with a few caveats.

The build quality is a step below the finest we’ve seen, landing the HD7 in the "passable" category, while the display may achieve a high level of brightness, but it goes to waste thanks to its poor contrast and viewing angles. For a device aspiring to woo us with its multimedia features, this, along with middling sound output from its stereo speakers, renders the HD7 a failure if measured purely by the boasts of its promotional materials.
But we judge by our own standards here, and the reason we like the HD7 is that it seems to be just about the perfect size for us. It trades little in the way of added bulk for an awful lot in added real estate and general usability. We know we like to beat the drum about pixels on these digital pages, but sometimes inches matter just as much. And lets not forget that we’re still living in a world where nobody has yet managed to deliver a truly impressive 4.3-inch display, never mind the fanciness of Super AMOLED, so HTC deserves commendation for at the very least trying, and we reckon we might be happy dealing with a less Super panel that just gives us more of what we want. Provided what we want is Windows Phone 7, of course.

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